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7 tips that changed my life

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7 tips that changed my life

7 wellness tips that changed my life

1) Venture, do not stay a day locked up at home unless you have the chance to have a garden! After a day of work behind a screen or a day at home, get out at least 15 minutes, avoid the metro or go down a few stops before, walk to your lunch break, take out the dog, go buy bread on foot …

2) Create your wake up routine to enjoy even on Mondays mornings 🙂
Me, I put my alarm clock 10 minutes before to do a guided meditation in my bed, (that before having a look at the social networks and mails!), Then I stretch before going through the bathroom where I practice all the days (even on vacation the jala neti and the oil pulling it will be discussed in another article) then direction the kitchen for a large glass of hot water with lemon, cider vinegar and ginger.

3) Exfoliate your body, get rid of all the dead cells, brush it with a vegetable brush to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation.
My favorite scrub: the coffee grounds used by my friend with Pure Flow Coco coconut oil.

4) Create a sport routine.
If you are in the morning, plan your workouts the day before, prepare your outfits so you do not have a choice! If you are in the evening, prepare your sports bag the day before including a snack like fresh dates or energy bar (I’m addicted to Bulletproof) not to cancel your project if you have a slack in the late afternoon.

5) Meditate every day, even just five minutes with a 7 Mind type application or on the Youtube channel of my friend Anne Zanne Attitude. I will tell you about its benefits in more detail in another article.

6) Read. I had moved away from books for lack of time, an excuse !! We all have time to read a few pages in the evening before falling asleep, on public transport, waiting rooms or at the beach! Choose a subject that you obviously love! This will require you to do one thing at a time, like meditation.
I will give you a selection according to my tastes in another article.

7) Take time to find yourself alone, whether it’s a stroll, a meditation, reading or sports but also a massage, a yoga class, boxing or gardening … Find an activity that makes you happy at the thought of doing it.

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